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A funny quote from the mother….

I distinctly remember one of my mother’s funniest, non-sensical, illogical quotes back from when I was twelve. I was at Wonderland with five of my closest friends and we’d just come off from The Fly. (Yes, I like that ride). The five of us had stumbled off feeling a little nauseous (we had just eaten before). And me, being my whiny self, complained about being dizzy. 

My mom then proceeded to say, “You know, Noelle, it’s not good for you to ride so many rollercoasters because when you do your brain disconnects from your skull and bounces around which causes you to lose brain cells and become dumber.” I swear, I am NOT making this quote up. 

My mom has since denied ever saying this despite me AND my friends insisting she did. Oh, well, I can understand why…


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