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Typical Family Dinner Conversation + Reaction to Euro semi-final

Here is an excellent example of a typical conversation during dinner:

Me: Mother, these are some excellent mashed potatoes you have prepared.

Father: Indeed, these are exquisite.

Mother: Why, thank you both. May somebody please pass the peas?

Brother: Uhhhh…..durrr……I like toothpaste.

On another note…

I cannot even express how sad/frustrated I am at today’s result. I was really hoping Portugal would make it over Spain. I guess now I’ll be rooting for Germany full-on. I’ve always been a Germany supporter, so while Portugal not making the finals is heartbreaking sad for me, at least there’s a good chance Germany will make it to the finals.

And on another side note:

I’ve just realized a lot of my posts are categorized under “Quotes” when they really have nothing to do with the category. I will be fixing these shortly (meaning when I’m not too lazy to do it).


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Yet another thing I’ve discovered I’m not good at…

Push-ups. Or rather, anything involving upper body strength. This was re-inforced today at club volleyball practice when my coach told us to do two minutes of suicides (this went well), 50 sit-ups (again, no sweat), a minute of planking (not too bad), followed by fifteen push-ups. 


Needless to say, if people didn’t know what I was doing, they probably would have thought I was, or at least attempting, to eat the floor. 

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