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Favourite Classic Books + My To-Read List + Happy Canada Day + Euro Final!

Phew…that’s a long title. Any who, the euro final is about to start at any time now, so I’m going to skip a long intro.

I’ve been slowly trying to read as many classic literature books as possible. This, of course, means frequent visits to my closest Chapters or Indigo. I have finally compiled a short list of my favourites.

1.) Gulliver’s Travels – I know a lot of people *dislike* this book very much, but I just love it. Love it.

2.) Animal Farm – I think I included the last line of this book in a previous post of mine featuring my favourite quotes. I adore the last line of this book. Really, though, the whole book is just fantastic.

3.) Lord of the Flies – “Sucks to your ass-mar!” This always has me rolling on the ground.

4.) Of Mice and Men

5.) East of Eden

6.) Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass –  I’m constantly quoting these two books and trying to pass them off as my own.

7.) The Picture of Dorian Gray

8.) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – To be honest, I love anything and everything Sherlock. The original stories, the old tv show, Robert Downey’s Sherlock movies, and, of course, the BBC Sherlock.

9.) Moby Dick

10.) 1984

My list is relatively short, and I’m still working on it. I still have a lot–a lot–of books I need to read. These include:

Wuthering Heights (while I’m familiar with the story, I’ve never read it).

Sense and Sensibility (same as above).

Tale of Two Cities

Handmaid’s Tale

The Phantom of the Opera

Grapes of Wrath

Fahrenheit 451

The Count of Monte Cristo

Anna Karenina

Jane Eyre

Perfume: Story of a Murderer (Not really a classic, but I am in the midst of reading it).

On a totally separate note:

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians! ❤

And on another totally separate note:

The Euro final is finally upon us. In fact, as I type this, the match is just about to begin. By default (I’m still bitter over Germany and Portugal) I will be rooting for Italy. Hope this match will be entertaining! Who are you rooting for?



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Typical Family Dinner Conversation + Reaction to Euro semi-final

Here is an excellent example of a typical conversation during dinner:

Me: Mother, these are some excellent mashed potatoes you have prepared.

Father: Indeed, these are exquisite.

Mother: Why, thank you both. May somebody please pass the peas?

Brother: Uhhhh…..durrr……I like toothpaste.

On another note…

I cannot even express how sad/frustrated I am at today’s result. I was really hoping Portugal would make it over Spain. I guess now I’ll be rooting for Germany full-on. I’ve always been a Germany supporter, so while Portugal not making the finals is heartbreaking sad for me, at least there’s a good chance Germany will make it to the finals.

And on another side note:

I’ve just realized a lot of my posts are categorized under “Quotes” when they really have nothing to do with the category. I will be fixing these shortly (meaning when I’m not too lazy to do it).

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Euro 2012: Who I’m Rooting For…

Ah, the Euro’s have come. Any soccer competition always acts as a catalyst for some neighbourly arguments. The family living across the street from mine happen to be Italy fans, the couple beside us are Dutch supporters (jokes on them, though), and my family…well, to be honest, my family couldn’t care less.

I, however, am rooting for Germany and Portugal this time around.

Germany, tied in my blood as my father is full German, is my number one choice. Portugal, on the other hand, I have no heritage of, but support nonetheless. Of course, a Madrid supporter like me, it doesn’t hurt that Ronaldo, Pepe, and Coentrao are on the team. Nani is pretty entertaining, too, just because he’s so damn stupid sometimes.

But really, I’m not nearly as competitive as my neighbours. I’ll be mostly fine with whomever wins..as long as it isn’t Spain. I’m really not in the mood for watching a 90 minute final of Xavi and Iniesta sideways/triangle/oh-there’s-defenders-up-there-let’s-pass-it-back-to-Casillas passing.

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Oh, Summer…

Exams are finally over (at least for me), and that only means one thing: hot summer days, and long summer nights.

I love the summer, it’s no doubt my favourite season, and there are a couple of reasons why. 

1.) No school – this one is obvious, but I just thought I *had* to mention it. 

2.) The beach – After a cold, Canadian winter, I cannot wait for my first beach trip. 

3.) Canada’s Wonderland – Also known as my second home.

4.) Cottage is officially open – This inevitably leads to the beach, etc. 

5.) Uninterrupted reading and writing hours – Essential to my creative (or lack of) process. 

6.) Euro 2012 – Now I won’t have to refer to the UEFA site every two seconds to check the score. 

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