Euro 2012: Who I’m Rooting For…

Ah, the Euro’s have come. Any soccer competition always acts as a catalyst for some neighbourly arguments. The family living across the street from mine happen to be Italy fans, the couple beside us are Dutch supporters (jokes on them, though), and my family…well, to be honest, my family couldn’t care less.

I, however, am rooting for Germany and Portugal this time around.

Germany, tied in my blood as my father is full German, is my number one choice. Portugal, on the other hand, I have no heritage of, but support nonetheless. Of course, a Madrid supporter like me, it doesn’t hurt that Ronaldo, Pepe, and Coentrao are on the team. Nani is pretty entertaining, too, just because he’s so damn stupid sometimes.

But really, I’m not nearly as competitive as my neighbours. I’ll be mostly fine with whomever long as it isn’t Spain. I’m really not in the mood for watching a 90 minute final of Xavi and Iniesta sideways/triangle/oh-there’s-defenders-up-there-let’s-pass-it-back-to-Casillas passing.


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