The great thing about music…

There’s a lot of great things about music, obviously. It’s universal, it’s contagious, it lifts your spirits. There’s something out there for everybody. Admittedly, I have study music, workout music, music dedicated to my friends, uplifting music, my-heart-feels-broken-damn-everything music etc. 

But not only does music have the ability to change your mood and soothe you, but transport you into another time. I mean, I have the worst memory out of everybody I know. I’m constantly re-telling stories, re-asking questions–I mean, I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast today! But despite that, music has the ability to bring back a wave of nostalgia, at least for me (I assume other people, too, unless it *is* just me). 

For example, anything Neil Diamond or Michael Jackson brings back memories of summer road trips with my family to our beach house.

Bruce Springteens Born To Run reminds me of my middle school track and field days, when I’d run for hours on end with one of my best friends. 

Ace of Bases The Sign revives the memory of early morning breakfasts (back when I actually wanted to wake up early) with my older brother (now halfway across the country in University).

Everybody Talks by Neon Trees reminds me of, well, the present. (My current favourite song of the moment, constantly on replay).

Avenged Sevenfold reminds me of my “rebellious-I-hate-everything” phase (this phase passed by quickly.) 

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. 


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